LED Openable Triproof Light

PC+PC Material 600mm, 20/18/15/12W 1200mm, 40/35/28/24W 1500mm, 56/50/42/34W 130lm/W-160lm/W RA>80, PF>0.95 Brand driver, flicker free Non-linkable and Linkable IP65, 5 year warranty CE/ROHS certificated

High Power LED Triproof Light

PC+aluminum Material 150W-100W-50W 130lm/W-160lm/W RA>80, PF≥0.9 Color ring for option Rotatable end cap, fast and easy wiring Linkable and Non-linkable Brand driver, flicker free IP65, 5 year warranty

Type B LED Flood Light

Aluminum+tempered glass material 150lm/W-180lm/W 50W-100W-150W-200W-300W RA>70, PF≥0.9, AC100-277V 50/60Hz 5 year warranty, IP66, CE/ROHS certificated Beam angle: 30°/60°/90°/120°/15°/T2M/T3M/50*120° polarized light /30*90° polarized light

Type A LED Flood Light

Aluminum+tempered glass material 140lm/W-160lm/W 50W-100W-150W-200W-250W-300W RA≥80, PF≥0.9, AC100-277V 50/60Hz 5 year warranty, IP66, CE/ROHS certificated

Type G UFO High Bay Light

PC+aluminum material 210lm/W-190lm/W-170lm/W-150lm/W 100W-150W-200W RA>80, PF≥0.9, AC100-240V/90-305VAC 50/60Hz Other function: 0-10V dimmable, Dali dimmable, Microwave sensor, Emergency, 3 CCT and 3 Power switchable 5 year warranty, CE/ROHS/ERP certificated

9th Generation Triproof Light

Patent Product, obtained pratical patents certificated. Convenient to replace PCB and driver, maintenance and environment friendly. PC+aluminum inside material. High Luman up to 180lmW. EMC approved flicker free driver LIFUD, OSRAM, BOKE. DALI Dimmable, 0-10V dimmable, Mircowave sensor, Emergency function for option. IP66, IK08. 5 year warranty.

CCT & Power Switch UFO High Bay Light

• 3 CCT+3 Power switchable, one lamp with 9 features, saving a lot of stock funds • ADC12 die-casting aluminum, big heat radiating area. • Low energy, high efficiency. 210lm/W makes it saving energy more than 75%. • High thermal conductivity, high insulation aluminum substrate, pressure up to 3000V • Stable and reliable, the lifespan can be 50,000hous.  • Environmental protection. Zero pollution, no ultraviolet radiation without infrared • 5 years warranty  • CE/ROHS/TUV/SAA certificated 

CCT & Power Switch Triproof Light

• 3CCT+3Power switchable, one lamp with 9 features, saving a lot of stock funds • Patent design structure. • Linkable and Non-linkable for option, very quickly wiring and installation. • IP66, IP69K, IK08. With strong corrosion resistance, and the lamp could be applicable to harsh environment. • Epistar SMD2835, with high luminous efficacy and low luminance decrease. • High lumen output up to 175lm/W, energy saving efficiency is more than 80% • Flicker free driver, PF>0.95. Resist 4KV lighting stroke. • CRI80-85 or CRI90-95 for options, suitable for many applications. • Whole lamp housing is imported high light transmittance, V0 fireproof, Anti-UV and not easy to change color, with good luminance uniformity • 5 year warranty

Power & CCT Switchable T8 LED Tube

• CCT+3 power switchable, One lamp can instead of 9 items, saving a lot of stock funds . • PC+aluminum material. 6063 heat dissipation aluminum material, patent design. • Imported fire-resistant PC material, high light transmittance, more uniform light. • Use EMC driver, CE/RHOS/TUV certificated.

Type F UFO High bay light 210lmW

CE/RoHS/TUV/SAA/CTICK certificated. IP65. 5 years warranty. ADC12 die-casting aluminum. Big heat radiating area. Low energy. High efficiency makes it saving energy more than 80%.

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